Christian Education

Christian Education

The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is multifaceted. It is our primary purpose to educate the body of Christ so that we know God’s will through His Word, and become effective witnesses. Additionally, we encourage growth in Christian Education by providing close examination and practical application of God’s Word through Bible Study, Sunday Bible School, and other forms of Christian education. We assist students with their academic endeavors from elementary school through college by providing tutoring programs and financial assistance through scholarships. We believe that God provides our church family with all that we need to grow, and we appreciate the support of volunteers from our church family who assist our students in the areas of Christian discipleship, reading, writing, science, and mathematics. Many of these volunteers are educators in our local schools. The Word of God encourages us to study to show ourselves approved unto God, workmen who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Through Christian Education, we endeavor to learn and apply God’s word to every aspect of our lives.



Bible Study convenes each Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. with altar prayer; and is taught by our pastor, Apostle Bennie L. Kelly or her designee. Parishioners are offered opportunities to ask questions regarding issues of faith and or questions they have encountered in their personal Bible study. The open forum of our Bible study program allows each person to gain an understanding of God’s word at his or her own pace as our pastor breaks down the scriptures, delivering the Word of God in a way that is relevant, accurate, and spiritually uplifting.


The New Members’ Classes are held on the third Wednesday of each month and are designed to provide insight to new members regarding church doctrine, ministry opportunities, and practical application of Christian principles as provided in the Word of God. New Members will receive a membership booklet and will be introduced to ministry leaders who will assist them with becoming active members in our church family. We encourage new members to become fully vested in our church ministry by offering their gifts, talents, and areas of interest to service for God.


Within our church body, God has provided us every skill needed to sustain us. For our school aged students, this includes tutoring services for struggling students and for those who only need occasional assistance to maintain academic excellence. Our tutors include certified educators, college students, and other qualified adults. Tutoring is held each Wednesday night beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tutoring is open to the public, so any student in need of assistance is welcomed.