Worship Ministry


The music ministry plays a major role in every worship service.  The music ministry includes: skilled musicians, Praise and Worship Ministry, children’s choir, Miracle Temple Mass Choir, and other forms of musical worship.  The purpose of the music ministry is to worship God and to lead other believers to worship through music and song.  The music ministry provides inspiration and encouragement to edify the saints and to bring the lost into relationship with Jesus Christ.



Throughout the Psalms we read admonitions to praise the Lord, to sing songs unto the Lord, and exalt the name of the Lord.  Ultimately, the purpose of human existence is for fellowship with God.  God longs for an intimate relationship with mankind, and worship is one of the vehicles God has designed to promote that intimacy.  The role of the worship leader is twofold:  he/she must be prepared to enter the presence of God, while leading others to do the same.  Unfortunately, many see the role of the worship leader or praise and worship team as performers on the stage–there to entertain the audience.  This could not be farther from the truth.  Praise and Worship should be interactive and inclusive– the praise leaders and the congregation should join together in worship, entering and enjoying the presence of our Lord.


Miracle Temple’s Children’s Choir provides opportunities for children from the ages of four and up to learn to worship God while enjoying fun and fellowship with their peers and youth leaders in order to bring them to know our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our young people learn to know the Lord and to worship Him in song through the Children’s Church Ministry each Sunday, then on the 4th Sundays which are known as Youth Sundays, the children join the regular Sunday service to share what they are learning and how they are growing spiritually in children’s church.


The Miracle Mass Choir, much like the children’s choir, is established for the purpose of worshiping and glorifying God through song.  The members of the choir meet regularly to learn music and to fellowship, but most importantly to worship God through song. The choir membership is open to anyone who has a desire to know more about God and to draw closer to Him by worshiping through song.