In the early 1970s, Evangelist Bennie L. Kelly founded the Revival Team, a group that began as a prayer band traveling from house to house to pray. During these times, Evangelist Kelly read the Word of God and expounded on the scriptures as directed by the Holy Spirit. This prayer band grew rapidly because of its strong appeal to young people, who were searching for a relationship with God. Evangelist Kelly invested in the well-being of these youth and constantly kept them in church services and revivals.

After several years, the Revival Team developed into a large group of people. God directed Evangelist Kelly to “fence in the lost sheep of Israel”. In 1977, God led her to Laurinburg, North Carolina to start a church, and Miracle Temple was born. Miracle Temple Church was established on Produce Street in Laurinburg, North Carolina.

This church stood as proof of the fact that we should never despise humble beginnings. Pastor Kelly founded Miracle Temple Church with only nine members; five of which were children. As Pastor Kelly continued to preach the Gospel, the faith of her congregants continued to grow. The new church was a small, one-room building, with none of the necessary amenities one would normally associate with a church. As a matter of fact, the members had to carpool to the local store to use the restroom. Signs, miracles, and wonders were wrought in every service. In some services, the small building would be so packed, that people would stand outside to hear the word of God. Often, people would praise God in the adjacent fields. The congregants were often slain in the Spirit, so that they had to be carried to their cars.

Soon, God directed Pastor Kelly to move the congregation to Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Holy Spirit led Pastor Kelly to purchase a sanctuary being vacated by the Comfort Presbyterian Church, and the Miracle Temple Church moved to its present location at 1070 Winslow Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Miracle Temple serves as the headquarters church of the Holy Deliverance Church of God, Foundation of Truth and our Pastor, Apostle Bennie L. Kelly is the Overseer and Presiding Prelate. Her goal is to build a new edifice that will serve as the headquarters of Holy Deliverance and as the home of Miracle Temple. This edifice will house the equipment and special programs that will provide ministry to the total being including nutritional and financial counseling and physical training. Holy Deliverance has churches in North Carolina, Mississippi, Africa and Germany.

After thirty eight years, God is still working miracles at the Miracle Temple Holy Deliverance Church of God. We continue to see faith in action as our church continues to grow.